the many faces of mitzvah magic

We always say that the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitation Suites we offer on our site are just a starting point, a launchpad for Mitzvah inspiration. And one of the best parts of working here is getting to observe the magical alchemy that occurs every time a Client selects a Mitzvah Invitation Suite and then adds their own fabulous vision, color palette and theme. So this week we thought we'd offer up a glimpse of what we get to see every single day. What follows is simply ONE Mitzvah Invitation Suite interpreted by four very different, utterly dreamy clients (with just a tiny bit of help from our talented design team!).  


SNOWBOARDS OR SURFBOARDS?  Snowboards and surfboards might have similar shapes, but the tone each of these invitations sets for the big day couldn't be more different. Whether you dream of Mitzvah Invites that will evoke toasty lodges and black diamond moguls or 10 foot waves and endless blue skies, our Design Team is here to make sure that you can bring your vision to life in a way that is 100% you 


OCEANS APART!  More often than you'd probably believe, we get calls from Bat Mitzvah Mamas who have found their dream Invitation Suite...on our BAR Mitzvah Invitation page. And why not!? Just look at how differently - and beautifully! - these two Mitzvah Moms with ocean-themed events took the same basic invite and gave it thoroughly different tones, just by contributing that all important component: their kids' own one-of-a-kind styles. So much more important than simply colors and patterns, what's really changed from the Invitation Suite above to the one below is the hand holding the wand.


EAST COAST? WEST COAST? SHORE!  ...and with just one more Mitzvah Mama's flick and swish, this same Bat Mitzvah Invitation Suite moves effortlessly from relaxed Southern California Surfside Style to pure Cheerful Down-the-Shore Chic. (Yes, we ARE craving taffy right now! :)


HOW DOES IT WORK?  Change colors, change patterns, change fonts, change wording, add Hebrew, change papers, change envelopes, add foil, add a diecut - whatever it takes to make your Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations match your vision, that's what we do, all day, every day. What brilliant new twist will you bring to YOUR perfect invitation suite? We can't wait to see!!!