channeling chanel


There are few color schemes that capture the spirit of the famous Coco Chanel better than this one - and even fewer Bat Mitzvah themes more popular than "Fashion" itself. Add a few plush peonies and one perfect chaise and get ready for a glorious “Pink Carpet Entrance” moment of your very own.


chair photos the cross design      gown marchesa     chaise photo diyhomedesignpins    
lantern photo sonja caldwell     cake the frosted pumpkin

simple. stunning. style.

simple. stunning. style. 

Whether with mustard yellow or bold orange, gray adds a masculine edge to virtually any color it’s paired with. Keep décor simple + witty with bowtied napkins and the Bar Mitzvah boy himself looking dapper with a three piece combo like this one from (the always stylish) Marc Jacob. Proof that it doesn’t take a 20's flapper theme to capture Jay Gatsby’s flair, just clean lines and a hint of crisp color.


suit marc jacobs     vintage gatsby make something 365     plate/bow napkin apartment therapy

think pink


think pink

Like the Bat Mitzvah Girl herself, this look is a perfect blend of Daddy’s-Little-Girl sweetness with Oh-So-Grown-Up sophistication. Bring out your Bubbie’s treasured teacups for Sunday Brunch and watch as older relatives can’t help telling stories from the old days. What a fabulous way to connect the generations!


bedroom zsa zsa bellagio      polka plates kate spade     teacups martha stewart     flatware west elm

retro reception


There are few themes that invite a huge burst of color and fun like anything and everything Retro, and any glance at family pictures from the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs back in the day is sure to attest to the boldness of the festivities back then (and the wild fashions worn by our Grandmothers!) Consider bringing guests in on the celebratory vibe by requesting “brightly colored, festive attire” on your Reception Cards and see which of your friends and relatives has the most playful spirit. Or what about a Retro-Themed Photo Shoot Station where guests can ham it up for the camera in oversized Jackie O sunglasses and Vintage Bowties?  Either way you can practically guarantee your Mitzvah pictures will be the ones everyone most loves to look back at in decades to come.


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