retro reception


There are few themes that invite a huge burst of color and fun like anything and everything Retro, and any glance at family pictures from the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs back in the day is sure to attest to the boldness of the festivities back then (and the wild fashions worn by our Grandmothers!) Consider bringing guests in on the celebratory vibe by requesting “brightly colored, festive attire” on your Reception Cards and see which of your friends and relatives has the most playful spirit. Or what about a Retro-Themed Photo Shoot Station where guests can ham it up for the camera in oversized Jackie O sunglasses and Vintage Bowties?  Either way you can practically guarantee your Mitzvah pictures will be the ones everyone most loves to look back at in decades to come.


dresser photo jean randazzo    vintage couture givenchy 1964      flight attendants tumblr